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Cabal Cabal FanFest Bonanza Post something-or-other

Hello, there, lovely Cabal fandom! I had a conversation with little-miss-banana and it turns out that (sadly) she is too busy to keep track of this event that we want to happen. As such, I am picking up where she left off.

Unfortunately, I will be out of town until July 27, but hopefully I can find some wifi. Until then, feel free to send me any questions/suggestions/what have you and I’ll do my best to get back to you!

Anyway,on to the fun stuff- the actual FanFest! I don’t know what the timeline will be or exactly what is happening when it comes to layout, but I’ve participated in a fanart/fanfic week before on here, which involved a prompt a day for a week, but since we’ll have two months a prompt a day would be a little bit wild. As such, I plan on figuring out how to split it up between the two months (maybe a prompt every couple of days or so?) The prompts I have in mind are as follows (not in the proper order):

  • AU
  • Crossover
  • Writer’s Choice
  • Gotterdammerung
  • Hero
  • Decent
  • Unforeseen
  • Bitter
  • Sacrifice
  • Meant No Harm
  • Monster
  • Nowhere
  • Powerless
  • All I Ask
  • Worst Day
  • Helping Hand
  • Turning Point
  • Awkward
  • Good Riddance
  • Name
  • Clear Skies

If you have more prompts/better prompts, feel free to drop me an ask at any given time, and be ready come July 30th, which I hope to be the start date.

Now, if you would like for it to be Big Bang or a Team kind of thing, message me and we can still get that together if enough people want those instead. I have two/three weeks to get this together and I’m sure I’ll end up finding wifi somewhere. I’m off to find some allusion to the number two in the books just so the two month thing has some Cabal-esque meaning.


Ha ha! I finally got one of those color meme things done.

This is palette 12, and Ted herbertwest, requested Johannes Cabal, which, doi, I’ll always fulfill. So here’s everyone’s favorite asshole necromancer doing his Indiana Jones thing.


Johannes Cabal


200 years in the future:
i claw my body out of the dry soil, wheezing
a single item is in my hand
a book
"please read johannes cabal"

In the last few months, he’d found himself prey to strange twinges that, after some research, he had discovered to be his conscience.
Johannes Cabal the Detective by Jonathan L. Howard (via oliviamacabre)

In Which A Life Is Saved and Lies Are Told


Just a little thing I wrote. Have a shoddy Cabal fic!

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So… I did these Carnival folks for Character Design class. Not fantastic, but done on a time limit and trying for a style I don’t normally do. Enjoy, I suppose.

In Which Everything Ends


I decided to write something about what would happen if Herr Cabal never succeeds in his endeavors with necromancy. Of course, there are Johannes Cabal spoilers, so don’t read it if you care/haven’t read the books. This also involved vampire Horst, so don’t look into technicalities here, okay? 

I think that’s it. Enjoy reading something In Which Everything Ends.

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Cabal Cabal FanFest Bonanza - Post 1

Or does this count as post 3? who knows. Anyway, I return to officially start setting up this fic/art thing that I keep talking about. And there are several ways that we can go about this, so the point of this post is to figure it out!

We’ll start on Walpurgisnacht, and it will go until the end of September, most likely. From the start of the 1st book to the release of the 4th, because SYMMETRY. 

Basically, here are ways we can go about it: 

Option 1: Big Bang style

for those of you who have not participated in a BB before, it generally starts with people writing a fic, and then artists will ‘claim’ various fics to create art for (graphics, fsts, drawing, podfic, etc). Conversely, reverse big bang, the artists start and the writers create fic for whatever art/playlist/etc that they want. 

Pros: We get art and fic that go and in hand and that’s always fun.
Cons: We run the risk of some fics not getting any art while some get more than others. 

Option 2: Team vs Team

When I was still participating in fandom on LiveJournal, they called contests like this “games” (ie the rs_games were Team Remus vs Team Sirius). Basically, artists and writers are divided into equal numbers on teams and they have a specific character that they have to put the focus on. 

Pros: A little friendly competition, blogs specifically for each team, who knows!
Cons: What would the teams be? 

Those are the only two options I can think of hahaha So if ANYONE has any more options, feel free to send them to me (@lil-miss-banana) in an ask/submit/fanmail. And, if you have any ideas for themes or prompts, that’d be great also. Currently, our go-to prompt thing is our 12 days of cabalmas. But I’m sure with people suggesting things or some sort of prompt generator we can think of things!

Feel free to reblog or let me know what sort of option you would like, and start thinking if you’d like to be an author, writer, or both! 

I’M SO SORRY this is so late! I’ve been neglecting the cabal terribly, so here this is, five days shy of walpurgisnacht, and do feel free to submit anything you’d like!
ladykrampus asked:
I know it's early but I'm already thinking about this years baking.

Well, it’s not early now. I apologize for being such a slacker lately. But happy walpurgisnacht all. Please bake and raise hell, as we’re wont to do!


whenever horst was alluded to (or just outright mentioned) in the second and third books, it was a dagger to my heart - who do i sacrifice to whom so that the fourth book comes out early??



Anna, @lil-miss-banana requested a wallpaper for her computer of the four book covers.

This one is 1680x1050.
If anyone has any size requests, I’ll see what I can do.




I owe you fic in return



I had the sketch for this forever and meant for it to be a one-paragraph thing. Whoops.

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Johannes and Horst Cabal doodle before bed. I just finished The Fear Institute so I wanted to draw Johannes. Then I drew Johannes and was like yeah Horst was awesome too.

Johannes you unscrupulous neromancer you