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Oh brother I can’t, I can’t get through
I’ve been trying hard to reach you, cause I don’t know what to do
Oh brother I can’t believe it’s true
I’m so scared about the future and I wanna talk to you
Oh, I wanna talk to you

The first half of the week’s theme was Writer’s/Artist’s Choice.

I’ve been itching to do a piece based on Coldplay’s song (and retro DW-inspired video), Talk for a very long time now. Horst, of course, is a stubborn muse (it’s the fancy hair). But I’m pleased they meshed well for this one.

oH NO.

Some fiction from CynaraM

This is for the “writer’s choice” prompt: I tried to write some Johannes hurt/comfort, but the poor bastard can’t be comforted, of course.  

Revere thy Roof, and to thy Guests be Kind

It includes very minor references to my earlier fiction Winter Kept us Warm, but you don’t have to read it to understand this story.  If you want to (and heaven knows I won’t stop you), you can find it by clicking on my name at the above link.


When sketching necromancers, one should be mindful not to forget their older, suaver, undead brothers.

I was drawing this with the fanfest prompt “monster” in mind, but only in the most technical sense; between Horst and Johannes, you have to wonder which of ‘em is the better candidate.


Keeping up with the Johannes Cabal fanfest, here’s a companion piece to my previous sketch for “awkward”, this time using the prompt “bitter”.

[Ugly, ugly laughter]


Finished the Fear Institute. Kind of underwhelming overall but I did enjoy it (it is genuinely, exceptionally funny at points) and would recommend it. The novels seem to have a wealth of excellent fanart to which I will not be contributing in any meaningful way, so you get this.


"Was that sarcasm?"
"Yes." The smile did not waiver. "Of the cutting variety. So, I am summoned, by the agency of a platter of food and a disgusting drink. Indeed, I can tell you this of your future; you shall never acquire a liking for ouzo. Still, much nicer than all that mucking around with the dead goats and suchlike when you’re summoning demons. That never gets any better." 
"If you are me, " said Cabal, although he knew it certainly was, "then you know what I am about to ask."
"Of course." The man leaned forward, the smile fading. "You will also appreciate why I cannot tell you."

Prompt 5 of the Cabal Fanfest, “Bitter.”

((I’m assuming ouzo is bitter because licorice tastes bitter to me. And as we’ve seen before, Cabal is no fan of anise or similarly flavored beverages.))

I’ll catch up on the other prompt for this week soon. I got waylaid by an allergic reaction and was benedryl’d for most of the weekend.


His attempts at preserving Dennis and Denzil had become more desperate over recent months. Usage of the mortician’s arts had been slowly replaced by those of the taxidermist and finally the carpenter. It was a fraught night when first he had called for varnish and fuse wire. His attempts at cosmetic repairs had been risible, and his next scheme, of making them “look like clowns, people like that sort of thing, don’t they?” had been a grotesque disaster at every level, from the technical to the aesthetic. Although he wouldn’t admit it to himself, they even scared him a little.

What better prompt than “Helping Hand” for these two rascals, eh? Dennis and Denzil or Denzil and Dennis, the pair of scamps! (OHGODthisisfreakingcreepy. Seriously, I’m going to burn the sketch…) 


Cabal Cabal Fanfest Bonanza: Bitter

back dating yay because I am tired and don’t feel like drawing. Necromancer era!

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Cabal Cabal Fanfest Bonanza: All I ask

I was in between two weeks so I went with the one from yesterday. And then I created an entire AU in my head that doesn’t even get mentioned in this scene because I’m awesome like that. (ps it is a modern!AU of sorts)

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Man Versus Creature

I seem to have written some Cabal fan fiction. I can’t get that necromancer out of my head.  


Sadly, it isn’t connected to your prompts, but I hope my next will be!

Bitterly Awkward


Wow okay terrible setter-upper of Fanfests award goes to me because I skipped awkward so I am going to combine awkward and bitter into one thing so I can catch up. Please, read as Johannes Cabal crashes and burns like the little turd he is. Yes, it has to be about Her. Who else will he be awkward around?

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Loose sketch + colours for the Johannes Cabal fanfest, using the prompt “awkward”: our beloved protagonist who is younger, happier, and has yet to go sailing off the deep end, alongside the fabled Mystery Dame. (or “Her”. I rather like that bit of parlance.)

Perhaps I’ll have a chance after work to draw something for “bitter” and actually be on time for once… heh heh… heh…


i don’t actually know this series. what are they. they looked like gangsters so i drew them looking classy. classy nerds.



Wow look at me writing this with an hour to spare. Let me see if I actually get it posted in time. This is for prompt three of the Cabal Cabal FanFest Bonanza: Sacrifice.

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  Cabal noticed Parkin looking at him speculatively over the top of his snifter. Cabal narrowed his eyes. “You’re imagining me in red tights, aren’t you?”
    Parkin shook his head, letting the reverie fly. “No, Cabal, Trying my damnedest to avoid imagining it, if you must know.”

And coming in a wee bit late, part 2 of this week’s Fanfest challenge, “Awkward.”

As in gawky, awkward babby necrothologist running around in tights.